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This site is the platform used to get updated on what Dr. Williams-McGowan is up to. Look around for contact information, new books and background information. If you would like to book her for speaking engagements or would like to contact her for any reason please visit the contact page for further information.

Author, Dr. Felicia Williams McGowan has been featured in an online business article that highlights female entrepreneurs. Read her inspirational story below.





School will start soon. Make sure you order copies of Hattie’ Journey Collection: The Courage to Keep Going. This workbook has activities that provides opportunities for students to recall information, extend thinking of story ideas, to apply what has been learned, and for students (adults) make connections with their own lives through the story.

Activity/Workbook has mazes, fill in the blanks, word searches, and so much more!

Get your copy today!

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Hattie’s Journey T-Shirts

Sizes S-M-L and XL

$15 each

Shirts can be ordered by emailing the author at


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Final 2016 Signing at The Listening Tree in Decatur Georgia

Saturday, December 10, 2016 1-3pm

2308 Candler Rd.

Come for a reading, healthy food, and fun!



2017 Events Coming Soon!





Hattie’s Journey-  A Child’s Second Chance at life after a Kidney Transplant- Book and Coloring Book














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