Meet The Author

Meet The Author

Author, Motivational Speaker and Mentor Dr. Felicia McGowan ‘s journey in life has not been a walk in the park. She faced and have overcame many adversities including medical setbacks. The fighter in her would not allow her to give up or give in. McGowan has made a commitment that she’d share her story, lessons learned, and life experiences for the advancement and changes to help others.

Dr. Felicia (Arnetta) Williams McGowan was diagnosed with Kidney disease over 37 years ago which did not stop her from achieving educationally. She has completed undergraduate work at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. Graduate work was completed at Webster University in Mental Health Counseling in Greenville SC, and she received add-on certification in School Counseling from UNC Charlotte. Finally, a doctoral degree in educational leadership from University of Phoenix completed in 2013.

Book Development
Dr. McGowan author of Hattie’s Journey Book/Coloring/Activity book. A story of a little girl who loved school and all things fun. Experiencing a roadblock in her journey caused Hattie to reroute her path. Was Hattie able to overcome these obstacles in her life? Hattie’s Journey is a children’s book that can be used to familiarize readers of the different ups and downs families could face when a child has been diagnosed with kidney failure. Hattie’s Journey 2nd Edition which is a revised copy of Hattie’s Journey will be released July 2020. The revised version is a smaller sized shorter version book more welcoming to the beginner reader.

Dr. McGowan third activity workbook was released summer 2016 which is titled Hattie’s Journey-The Courage to Keep Going. The next part of the story that will complement the workbook Hattie’s Journey- The Courage to Keep Going sequel to Hattie’s Journey will be released in Summer/Fall 2020. Dr. McGowan completed and published a series of Journals titled Seasons of Hattie Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall-Write Down your Dreams that were released February 2018.  Journals will help young people focus on different goals that they can align their life with to help them make sure their dreams are aligned with their interest.

Hattie’s Ambassadors is a non-profit that Dr. McGowan created through the idea of providing sure to different things in and outside the community. Hattie’s Ambassador00 mission is to spread the importance of self-love and understanding the importance of taking care of your overall health. Her prayer is that this non-profit touches young ladies all over the world.

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